Configuring Responder/Smart Grid
Install Core SDK

Version: 10.1

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Perform on Responder Server.

In this step, you'll install the Telvent OASyS DNA CoreSDK 7.5.12. This must be the Columbia (7.5.12) version to be compatible with Smart Operations Solution and Responder. The OASyS Server may have an earlier 7.50 version of OASyS and still be compatible with the 7.5.12 version of OASyS DNA CoreSDK on the Responder Server.

  1. In the Telvent Product Selector, click the Show Products Only button.
  2. Select OASyS DNA CoreSDK 7.5.12.
  3. Choose Install/Upgrade in the Select Operation field and click Execute.

  1. On the Welcome window click Install/Upgrade.
  2. On the Choose Destination Location window, browse to the location where the CoreSDK should be installed. Click Next.
  3. If you're prompted to create a new directory, click Yes.
  4. On the Installation Details window, enter the login user's domain and password. Click Next.
  5. The installation may log off the machine (without prompting) and log back in using the user name and password from the previous step.

Remote Desktop Users: If you're installing using Remote Desktop or a similar remoting application, you may be logged back in to another session. You MUST log into (or switch to) the original session in order to finish the installation. Go to the Users tab on the Task Manager to view the active sessions and switch to your original session. If you do not log into the correct session, you cannot finish the installation.

  1. Click Finish on the final installation window and dismiss the web browser displaying the successful installation message.



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