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The ArcFM toolbar accesses a collection of tools that increases productivity and functionality in ArcMap sessions. If the ArcFM toolbar is not displayed, click View > Toolbars and check the ArcFM on the dropdown list. Or you can right-click in the gray toolbar area and select ArcFM from the list. This toolbar is dockable.

New in 10.1, press the F1 key while hoving the cursor over a toolbar icon to access the help ducumentation for that tool.


About ArcFM Solution
ArcFM Attribute Editor
ArcFM Locator Tool
ArcFM Identify Tool
Stored Items
Stored Items List
ArcFM QA/QC Tool
New ArcFM Map Book
Map Book Explorer
ArcFM Map Grid Generator
Designer Login
Phase Swap

The following buttons do not appear on the ArcFM toolbar by default, but may be added using the procedures at the end of this topic.

Add to Post Queue
ArcFM QA/QC Version Difference
ArcFM Inset Frames
ArcFM Change Version
Refresh ArcFM Autotext

The following buttons have been replaced by the Stored Items tools. These three buttons are still supported and now reside on the ArcFM Stored Items Classic toolbar.

Page Templates
Stored Displays


Add Buttons

To add buttons to the toolbar:

  1. Right-click the gray area of the toolbar and select Customize.
  2. Select the Commands tab and click ArcFM Solution.
  3. Drag icons from Commands and drop on the toolbar.

To remove buttons from the toolbar:

  1. Right-click the gray area of the toolbar and select Customize.
  2. Drag the button from the toolbar and drop it anywhere off the toolbar.

The Documents, Page Templates, and Stored Display pulldown menus do not appear in the customize menu. The only way to restore these buttons is to reset the toolbar. Resetting the toolbar restores the toolbar to its default state. To reset a toolbar:

  1. Click the Toolbars tab.
  2. Highlight the toolbar you want to reset.
  3. Click Reset to restore any removed default buttons. Added buttons that are not on the toolbar by default will be removed.



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