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This online help file provides information on using the ArcFM Solution. Some of these applications are available only if you have purchased a license for them. If the application is not installed, the link to the corresponding documentation will not work. Contact Telvent for license information.

Refer to the Extension Licensing page for information about checking out licenses to use the Network Adapter and Conduit Manager extensions.


ArcFM is a powerful collection of tools for managing, modeling, and editing facility and landbase data in an enterprise system. ArcFM provides configurable extensions such as Feeder Manager, Abandon tools, and tracing.

Session Manager

Session Manager allows the user to create an edit session in which he can edit features. After the edits are complete, the user forwards the session through a utility-specific approval process managed by Session Manager.

Mobile ArcFM Solution

The Mobile ArcFM Solution provides utilities a means to create and sketch sessions in the field. Mobile may also be used with Designer (if licensed) to create work requests and designs in the field.

Geodatabase Replication

Geodatabase Replication allows you to quickly synchronize a personal geodatabase with the most recent version of an SDE geodatabase. One application of this functionality is for Mobile Solution users. Geodatabase Replication may be used by a field user to connect to the enterprise and update his field personal geodatabase with the most recent edits to a specified version (generally SDE.Default) in the SDE geodatabase.


The following products will be available only if you have the proper licensing. Contact Telvent for licensing information.


Designer provides an integrated environment for preparing construction work sketches and job cost estimates. It also provides an automated means to update the baseline corporate GIS database, based on changes to the electrical, gas, and water distribution facilities shown in the work sketch. Designer uses the same codebase as ArcFM, adding the design engineering functions and compatible unit data structures by interfacing with a work management system, and includes powerful functions for producing work sketches and buildable designs.

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager is a powerful tool to create and track work requests and their associated designs. This tool also offers Work Management System functionality that allows you to track the costs associated with a work request throughout its lifecycle.

Conduit Manager

ArcFM Conduit Manager is an integrated set of tools and dialogs to add, annotate, and maintain the underground infrastructure of the utility network system. Conduit Manager provides the functionality for defining a conduit system and displaying cross-section annotations that describe its contents, including trenches, banks, underground conductors, and underground access structures. You can place ducts within ducts and place phases separately.

Designer Express

The primary focus of Designer Express is to create a quick construction sketch and cost estimate while relaxing some of the GIS and Accounting principles that can be handled later in the design process. The application offers a full suite of editing tools as well as posting, plotting and reporting.


Fiber Manager

ArcFM Fiber Manager is an integrated set of tools used to display, manage, and analyze the fiber optic networks within a network system. This powerful set of tools provides the ability to create and manage fiber splice connections, create and manage circuits, perform network traces, and generate reports and schematic diagrams.

Network Adapter

Network Adapter provides an interface to export feeder information from your corporate geodatabase and import it into a third-party analysis tool (such as CYMDIST or Electric Solver). Network Adapter also allows users to import analysis results into ArcMap and view them in the map display.

ArcFM Viewer

ArcFM Viewer, based on Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop Basic, provides a high-performance, robust query and display tool. With ArcFM Viewer, utility personnel can view, trace, and query data to help minimize cost or optimize the investment in maintenance and construction to get the most from the facility network.


ArcFM does not support editing for Esri coverages, shapefiles, or CAD files.




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