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Version: 10.1

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Extended Data Manager (EDM) allows you to maintain data specific to your Work Management System (WMS). In ArcMap, extended data is available only if you have a design open. Select a node on the Design tab (work request, design, work location, or a child node of a CU). The Extended Data tab shows the EDM data for that node (Figure 1). This section focuses on creating custom Extended Data fields and integrating them with Designer.

Figure 1, Extended Data tab

In Workflow Manager, extended data is viewed on the Site Conditions tab. More information about adding custom Extended Data to the Site Conditions tab in Workflow Manager is available here.

Extended Data Manager replaces Metadata Editors with functionality that is more flexible and easier to use. Custom Metadata Editors are still supported by Designer.

Custom EDM fields may be added to the Extended Data tab by modifying the Extended Data Definition (EDD) tables and updating the XML schema to reflect the new field.

Modify EDD Tables

The EDD tables act as "skeleton" tables that specify field names, field order, field properties, and model names. The configuration of these tables and the sample tables provided with the ArcFM Solution install are discussed in the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help in ArcCatalog. For example, you may want to add an EDM field called "Canine" that appears on the Extended Data tab when a work request is selected. You would add a field called "Canine" to the EDM table that corresponds with work requests. If you wish to have a domain associated with this field, it should have a data type of Number. Save and close the EDD table. In the next step, you will add the new field to your XML schema.

Update XML Schema

The Designer XML is used to move your Extended Data between your WMS and Designer. You will need to add the new field to your WMS tables and update the XML schema to move the new field between your WMS and Designer.

The Designer XML schema contains an EDM element. You may have an EDM element for a work request, design, work location, and/or compatible unit (these are all optional). Each EDM element contains EDM property elements. An EDM property element contains a name attribute that corresponds with a field. Below is a sample of how your XML might look if you add the "Canine" field to your schema for a work request.

XML Snippet
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    <WORKREQUEST ProgID="mmFramework.D8WorkRequest.1">
          <EDMPROP Name="Workrequest_Type" Type="0">-1</EDMPROP>
          <EDMPROP Name="CANINE" Type="0">-1</EDMPROP>

You may create a domain in ArcCatalog that contains the domain values for your new EDM field. For example, you may create a domain called EDM_Canine that looks like this:

        1       No Dog
        2       Small Dog
        3       Adorable Cocker Spaniel
        4       Medium Dog
        5       Large Dog
        6       Killer Dog

Assign the domain to your EDM field. For information about creating and assigning domains see the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help in ArcCatalog.

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