ArcFM Solution Configuration Guide
Cable Clearance

Version: 10.1

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Maintain adequate clearance between the conduit wall and the cable. This clearance must accommodate the pulling eye or the cable grip used in the cable pull. In most cases, the minimum cable clearance is 1/2 inch, however, a clearance of 1/4 inch is acceptable if the pull is essentially straight.

Equations for calculating Cable Clearance are listed below. The equation variables are:

C = Cable clearance (inches)

D = Inside diameter of conduit (inches)

dx = 1.05 x largest single cable (inches)

Note: A 5% tolerance is added to the diameter of the largest cable (variable dx) to accommodate the pulling eye or cable grip used in the cable pull and to allow for any cable diameter variations.


Number of Cables



C = D - dx


C = D - (2dx)





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