ArcFM Solution Configuration Guide

Version: 10.1

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The Appendix provides lists of ArcFM items such as model names, autoupdaters, and edit tasks. It also offers a description of the Structural Analysis calculations.

The Basic ArcFM Configuration and Basic Designer Configuration pages provide the model names, field model names, and autoupdaters that must be assigned for basic ArcFM and Designer editing functions.

Abandon Model Names and AUs

ArcCatalog Data Types

ArcFM Standalone Applications

ArcFM System Tables


Bitgate Fields

Cable Pulling Calculations

Class Model Names

Designer NonCreatable Fields

Edit Tasks

Electric Distribution Data Model

FeederSourceInfo Values

Fiber Data Model

Fiber Manager Tracing Types

Field Model Names

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Distribution Data Model

Geodatabase Replication Versions

How Design Optimization Works

How Electric Tracing Works

How Gas Tracing Works

How Water Tracing Works

Login Connection Strings

Secondary Circuit Analysis Calculations

Structural Analysis Calculations

Tips for Creating a Map Document

Troubleshooting Installation

Validation Rules

XML Style Sheets

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